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Wanderlust (Listening to Rene Aubry Series – Le Vent)

What is this breeze that blows them all away: On misty mornings, bags on knees, crowded Into tiny cars, down empty lanes, then On to motorways of crawling beetles?   What is this breeze that blows them all away: Into... Continue Reading →

That’s Entertainment (A Re-Write)

Traffic jams and clouds of petrol Lumps of tar and scraps of metal Office blocks and churning high streets Ticking clocks and I'm burning my feet   That's entertainment That's entertainment   Shifting paper, chasing dead dreams Eating time and... Continue Reading →

Buried Hope (Listening to Rene Aubry Series – “Fil de Verre”)

It's a beautiful day of sunshiney haze   I'm stumbling through grasses that swirl round my knees   I look for the ribbons that herald my friend   She brings me fresh Hope and She brings me Chances   I bring... Continue Reading →

How We Dance (Listening to Rene Aubry Series – Zig Zag)

Swirling circles and flowing lines. Silent slides or hammered heels. Riding rhythm on melodic hills.   Just as clouds both dissolve and re-form... Just as flowers dailly open that closed... Just as all things that rise then must fall... Just... Continue Reading →

The Wooden Sculpture (Listening to Rene Aubry Series – Trou de Memoire)

Shave till it's saw, Then blow off the dust.   Planed down and lathed The carving takes shape.   The wood disappears As the hammer head falls.   "The chisel bites deep".   Written whilst listening to Rene Aubry’s song “Trou... Continue Reading →

Chasing Her (Listening to Rene Aubry Series – Salento)

Waking, waking Sunrise sigh. Smell, smell, smell the dawn And tarry here yet, mine.   Echoes, echoes, Echoes in the depths. Echoes, echoes In the depths of your eyes.   Eyes, eyes, dark eyes, Dark eyes dancing, Dancing, dancing, Kissed... Continue Reading →

Life After Death

Day by day the flower grew. The raindrops fell And the flower knew.   Day by day the flower made A brighter day So the flower stayed.   Dad by day the flower aged. The scissors cut To the glass flower... Continue Reading →


I am followed, always, By an old man with a Youthful face.   My mem'ries are all stored in His unseeing eyes and Stopped up ears.   His fingers stir my brain Blurring what is him and What is me.... Continue Reading →

Spontaneous Mental Purge

I don’t want to live my life I don’t even want to try They gave me rules They gave me goals And I followed all the rules In such a way that all the goals might one day be achieved... Continue Reading →

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