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listening to Rene Aubry

Grasping (Listening to Rene Aubry Series: La Grande Cascade)   The fleeting idea that yearns for paper Canvas or to take shape, Banging on the door of my imagination. Trembling arms reach out: A hold not taken Or a sweet embrace. And facets fall like snow Gratefully come... Continue Reading →


Polished Flaws (Listening to Rene Aubry Series: La Petite Cascade)

Will I be old one day, Alone and lost in thought As days follow days Of dust and photos Recalled by touch of Albums all unopened?   No, here I will sit And sip my bitter tears Whilst memories (So... Continue Reading →

Loom Shuttles (Listening to Rene Aubry Series – “Lungomare”) The Wand'rer on the golden road Is full of folk-song, folk-tale and -memory And he carries it, gently, all Across Time's Corridor.   Like grass we fall to earth to seed Take root and spring. All too short our flourishing... Continue Reading →

Scoundrel (Listening to Rene Aubry Series – “Prima Donna”)

Debonair, effete At home at every turn Chattering with everyone.   Guiding tourists, hailing taxis Dodging bikes and buses Holding doors and coats.   The easy smile, forgettable face Lighting cigarettes, freshening drinks And picking pockets all along.

Threadneedle (Listening to Rene Aubry Series – “Scirocco”)

The thundering, hammering pinpricks. I am loved under the hand, just sew. I take the hits and keep moving forward, There is no choice.   We turn corners together - His hands and my sides. Screaming in pain I am... Continue Reading →

Starling Sunset (Listening to Rene Aubry Series – “Demi Lune”)

Only murmurations shading Myriad pointillisions fading Upon the setting sun   Only congregations racing Aerial interchanges facing Towards a hidden line   Silence, cloaked in black, returns And dreams of sound-proofed rooms How the moon must spread her wings To... Continue Reading →

Skating (Listening to Rene Aubry Series – “Sirtaki a Helsinki”

Lurching to a different tide On frozen seas in leather ships Wtih meta keels that carve the surf, Ploughing on to mushy shores   Distant lands of crystal white All rolling dunes of desert cold That mock the liquid-solid sand,... Continue Reading →

Wanderlust (Listening to Rene Aubry Series – Le Vent)

What is this breeze that blows them all away: On misty mornings, bags on knees, crowded Into tiny cars, down empty lanes, then On to motorways of crawling beetles?   What is this breeze that blows them all away: Into... Continue Reading →

Buried Hope (Listening to Rene Aubry Series – “Fil de Verre”)

It's a beautiful day of sunshiney haze   I'm stumbling through grasses that swirl round my knees   I look for the ribbons that herald my friend   She brings me fresh Hope and She brings me Chances   I bring... Continue Reading →

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