Of another time:

Of smiles like feathers –

Lighter than air

And softer than snowflakes

And Monday held no terror.


Another time of

Opened doors

And “Welcome in”

When Time was young

And Monday held no terror.


No wishing for Friday

And no pretense

Of weekends without ends

Or weeks without work.


I lived for the pleasures,

For the finding of treasures,

And not for the due dates of stress

And old debts

And Monday held no terror.


Where is the door to Summers forever,

The gates to my School when school was still fun

Because Play lasted longer

And Monday held no terror?


Speak to me, Memory,

Sing your lament.

I long to pass over to Route 66

And laugh at your tales

Of Monday Morning.


Written whilst listening to Rachel Unthank & The Winterset’s version of “On a Monday Morning” –