Traffic jams and clouds of petrol

Lumps of tar and scraps of metal

Office blocks and churning high streets

Ticking clocks and I’m burning my feet


That’s entertainment

That’s entertainment


Shifting paper, chasing dead dreams

Eating time and tasting web streams

Take a break from being human

Step outside this into confusion


That’s entertainment

That’s entertainment


Walk inside and into TV

Lock the door, forget reality

Prices rising, people drowning

Gentle voices, keep on frowning


That’s entertainment

That’s entertainment


Big Brother’s watching, mind your language

Cut your mind on another bandage

Remember hope, cling on to sorrow

Dream your dream until tomorrow


I say that’s entertainment

That’s entertainment


Walk the line from now to never

Cheat yourself until forever

Say the words till you believe them

Play your part till you deceive them


THAT’s entertainment

I say THAT’s entertainment!


Originally posted on my Facebook profile as a note, 13 January 2011