Iambic Tetrameter

It sits their staring, all the time:

One small red eye, one big black face.

A name tag just above the neck,

No shoulders, just a coat of dust.


Once woken up, he won’t shut up,

But talks and sings and blares and bawls

Till I regain remote control

And soundly beat him back to sleep.


Alternating Iambic Tetrameter & Trimeter

The yellow T-shirt, one brown stripe,

A zig-zag lightning bolt.

It’s “Peanuts”, such a welcome change

From soaps and horror flicks.


If Charlie Brown can thus persist

Then maybe so can I.

He has his trusty, friendly dog

And Snoopy has his bird.


Trochaic Tetrameter

Television’s such a blessing

When it’s used correctly by the

Watcher.  Otherwise it’s just an

Anodyne to overthinking.


Trochaic Tetrameter with Alternating Weak Endings


Dulling tones of speech employing

TV can’t distract my mind.

Hearing well-known scripts repeated

Can’t invade my quiet thoughts.