(Iambic pentameter with end-stopping, Enjambements, caesuras, weak endings or Hypermetric and Trochaic and Pyrrhic substitutions)


The book suggests the internet’s daily  (E)

News as a place to look for inspiration.  (T & H)

But feeling fragile as I am, I’ll rather  (E, P, T & H)

Ditch that poor suggestion to feed my mind  (E, T, P)

A different kind of literary fuel.


Do you have a pile of books, unread and  (T & E)

Gathering dust?  Mine taunts me with its rainbow  (T, E, P & H)

Of half-seen titles – those I’ve read, remembered  (E & H)

And read again.  But I don’t see them just  (T & E)

As books.  They’re bricks, with whichbuild my mind.