Without Caesura or Enjambement

Outside the window

The tiny spots of rain fall down unheard,

while the sunshine hides behind grey curtains.

What I’d Like to Eat

Oh for a meal that would transcend these knots,

a drink that would assuage my thirst for peace.

A Recent Dream

I don’t recall the substance or content,

just that I woke up already laughing.

A Pesky Task Overdue

I must return forms to the treasury,

forms that tell them I’m still under-earning.

My Body

I feel that my strength is slowly growing,

but my lack of energy betrays me.

With Caesuras and Enjambements

Outside the Window

Although his tears hit the window, the sun

weeps unheard, enrobed with monochrome drapes.

What I’d Like to Eat

Despite the pithy title, my hunger

is for more satisfying food and drink.

A Recent Dream

For sure I went to Nod and back, but just

brought back laughter.  No other memories stir.

A Pesky Task Overdue

No wonder the papers remain on my

desk.  They only tell me that I’m still broke.

My Body

Even whilst recovering from flu I

feel my strength, though far less vitality.



© Jonathan Hobdell & PH Yoga Isle of Man 2016